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Vicenco / UI UX Designer

Merlin Music

Web Design

Merlin Music is the personal freelance web site of Peter Latham. I was tasked to design the homepage of his web-site in which to gain more attention on Peters services, skills and thoughts if he was to buy a domain name for his business. Peter had a basic free web-site hosted by Yahoo that had not been touched in over 7 years.

I took information from his basic web-site that was still online, and designed it to have a much more interesting and intuitive user experience. Incorporating new features to add interaction with site viewers. Implementing a music player that could link to the clients Soundcloud account, a feature that would allow direct on-site interaction to showcase the clients musical talent.

I gave Vincent a basic rough idea of what I was after, and he was able to craft an online presence for my business far beyond my expectations - Thank you!

- Peter Latham - Musician & Instructor

A blog/news feature to keep site visitors up to date on workshop events and information that the client would find relevant, and a video of the client introducing himself and telling the user, for more information by clicking on the left or right dependent on if the viewer wishes to have a one to one or workshop lesson .


Peter Latham


4 Nov, 2015



Live Site: