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Vicenco / UI UX Designer

Xtreme Revolution - Studios

Web Design & Development

The team wanted to re-brand their image and update the web-site in order to attract new team members as a follow up to a design some years prior. Having taken note of the core fundamental elements that the web-site needed I began giving XR-S a much-needed revamp.

Revised site architecture, updated user experience and better communication with the targeted audience. On top of that, the two studio leads discussed about a change in their logo design and branding/merchandising options to which I created a 3 claw mark logo to symbolically mention the online studios history.


Xtreme Revolution - Studios


18 Oct, 2016


Design, Currently in Development

Live Site:, [ Redesigning ]

Vincent made so many designs as we just didn't know what we wanted. He remained patient and always came up with great ideas on what we could have. Having seen his design plans, we trust in his ability and cannot wait to get our final web-site developed and online.

- Mads Olav Nesje - Co-Founder, Xtreme Revolution - Studios